Flashback, 2016: Kanye West releases the one & new music video for the tune Famed. The online video contained a myriad of celebs—including Donald Trump, Amber Rose, Ray J, and Taylor Swift—depicted by nude wax figures in bed with West. Integrated in the song have been the controversial lyrics:

For all my Southside n*ggas that know me very best
I experience like me and Taylor may however have sexual intercourse
Why? I produced that b*tch famous”


The lyric referenced the now-notorious moment in MTV’s Video clip New music Awards historical past in which, in 2009, Kanye stormed the stage as then 19-12 months-aged Swift was accepting her first VMA for Most effective Woman Artist.  The incident sparked an uproar in the tunes neighborhood and folks from all walks of existence talking about it.




That stated, prior to the VMA incident, Swift had presently offered 7 million copies of her album, Fearless.  The bottom line: West did not make Swift renowned. Swift indirectly referenced this point and West’s lyric in her 2016 Grammy acceptance speech (Taylor’s album, 1989, won album of the yr) in which she mentioned that ladies need to be on the lookout for persons who will take credit for their accomplishments.


Responding by her publicist, Swift also condemned the use of her nude graphic in the video and the misogynistic lyrics.  West’s workforce responded that Swift knew about the lyric beforehand and gave her authorization for West to use it, all of which Swift and her team denied. West and co were being painting a narrative in which Swift was twisting fact close to to make herself the victim, a thing she had been consistently accused of by other artists including Katy Perry and her former boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris. This narrative was seemingly justified when Kim K introduced a Snapchat video of Kanye West on the cellphone with Taylor Swift. In the movie clips, West tells Swift about the lyric he was then workshopping and Swift responds by thanking West for letting her know about it. Swift went on to inspire West to use what ever model of the lyric that he preferred to use.


https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=jprU442C43w


 Kardashian went on to tweet that it was Countrywide Snake Working day, referencing the outing of Swift as a snake in the grass. Kimye admirers and other critics of Taylor Swift then flooded social media with snake emojis attacking Taylor Swift.



Swift once more defending herself, responded by outlining West under no circumstances advised her he’d be contacting her a b*tch or using credit history for “making her famous” and that he promised to perform the tune for her and under no circumstances did.

The world-wide-web did not acquire it.  Swift would keep on to defend herself about the subsequent several decades foremost up to her 2018 album, Track record, but says that the expertise created her frustrated. In a 2019 job interview, she said that she was on the brink of having a breakdown around the consistent assaults on her character and the damage to her name.

Rapidly forward to March 20th, 2020. The entire unedited variation of the video clip leaked revealing West never instructed Swift about the B*tch lyric nor the point that he insinuated that he is responsible for her fame.


https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=RnfNunlZWRY


Swifties immediately took to social media to get in touch with out Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, prompting the trending hashtags #KanyeWestIsOverParty, #KimKardashianisoverparty, and #TaylorToldTheTruth.

On Monday, Swift posted her reaction to the concern on by way of Instagram, in which she posted two IG tales, the first addressing the controversy and the second inquiring individuals to as an alternative concentration on anything that truly issues, raising revenue for environment starvation.



In response, Kim K. took to Twitter to blast Swift about her “lies” in a sequence of tweets.



Currently, Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine,  responded to Kim K’s tweets reposting her unique reaction to the 2016 controversy and inquiring who Kimye pissed off to have the unedited online video leaked.


It’s unclear who leaked the unedited clip. Provided season 18 of Retaining up with the Kardashians is set to launch March 26th, I wouldn’t be astonished if it was Kimye’s group that leaked the online video to drum up publicity.